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6 Hot Female Tattoos that Celebrities Have and the Temporary Way to Try the Look

By December 31, 2014News
Tila Tequilla Tattoo Flickr

Tila Tequilla Tattoo FlickrIn the past tattoos were often thought of as something only men would get and was a sign of masculinity or eternal love for a special someone. Over the last few decades this stereotype has faded as more and more ladies have decided to join in and get some “ink.” At first many viewed a woman that got a tattoo as being rebellious. However, over the years with the rise of many female celebrities showing off their tattoos in public this view has changed. More recently many people view a female that has a tattoo or two as being adventuresome and hip.

Today one of the newest trends of the temporary metallic jewelry tattoos give even more females the freedom to join in the fun. Now a girl contemplating getting a tattoo can give it a trial run by purchasing one or more of the new high quality temporary versions available for purchase online. These new temporary tattoos last 4 days up to 8 days and can look very much like a real tattoo.

Both permanent and temporary tattoos for girls are often much more feminine in design than the ones that men wear. The following are six popular tattoos that women choose and some of the celebrities that wear them. If you want to try out one of these looks check out the helpful links below.

1. Star Tattoos are symbolic of goals and aspirations. Having a star tattoo can represent that a person is well aware of their dreams in their life and is working to get there. “Reach for the Stars” is a common phrase many pKat Von D Tattoo Flickreople use to give advice to someone to chase their dreams. Here are some of the Stars (People) who have star tattoos: Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Kate Hudson, Nora Jones, Eva Longoria and Kat Von D.

2. Heart Tattoos are normally associated with the meaning of love. The more daring (for obvious reasons) will put the name of their current love somewhere in or around the heart tattoo. Sacred heart designs can be a symbol of religious devotion to one’s own divinity. Another common reason both men and women will get a heart tattoo is as a memorial to a loved one they lost. One famous female that loves to show off her heart tattoo is Tila Tequila. Other Celebrities that have been spotted with heart tattoos are Ariana Grande, Lindsay Lohan and Julia Roberts.

 3. Butterfly Tattoos can signify “woman as a free spirit.” Also, like butterflies in  nature that change from a caterpillar into a butterfly, a girl “blossoms” into a woman. The symbol of the butterfly may also represent the release of negative energy and the draw of positive energy into a woman’s soul. Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michelle are some famous people that have decided to get a butterfly tattoo.

4. Flowers Tattoos– Many females choose to get a flower tattoo simply because of the beauty of the designs.They can be small and delicate or big, colorful, eclectic, and bold based. Other females may choose a flower based on the meaning behind the flower. The lotus represents knowledge, understanding, enlightenment, and life. The rose tattoo is generally regarded as meaning love, or beauty. In Hawaiian culture the hibiscus flower symbolizes royalty, power, and respect. Whether they choose them for the look or the meaning some famous females that have flower tattoos are Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Model Jessica Jane.

5. Tribal Tattoos can look very stunning with many different intricate and artistic patterns. These type of tattoos go back thousands of years and were practiced by many different races and cultures. The diverse possibilities with this type of tattoo can help create a unique statement. Some of the common meanings of tribal tattoos are courage and boldness. Both Anna Kournikova and Pink are two stars that have a tribal tattoo.

6. Text/Word Tattoos are another popular tattoo that women get. Many of these tattoos usually have an inspirational message. They can be as varied as one word like: Breathe, Love or Hope or use more words fowpid-megan-fox-to-remove-marilyn-tattoo-_ukr a longer message. Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie are two female celebrities that have inspirational text tattoos.

If you want to try out any of these looks we recommend getting a temporary version first. Below are some great collections that start at $22 and contain many of the above popular female tattoos as well as many other tattoos to try:

Diva Chic Temporary Tattoo Collection contains:
· Stars, Hearts, Butterflies, Tribal and lots of other Bling Jewelry Tattoos

Isla Bonita Temporary Tattoo Collection contains:
· Flowers, Stars, Butterfly, Text Tattoo and other Island Themed Tattoos

Mantra Dream Temporary Tattoo Collection contains:
· Hearts, Stars, Inspirational Text Tattoos and lots of other Mantra Inspired Tattoos

Tribal Mystique Temporary Tattoo Collection contains:
· Many Bold and Intricate Tribal designs, Hearts, Inspirational Text Tattoos and more

If you decide you do want to try a temporary versions of one of these popular lady tattoos there are many different places on your body to try them. Star, Butterfly and Hearts look great anywhere on the body. Text tattoos are often put on the upper arm area or upper back shoulder area. The tribal tattoos make great ankle tattoos or lower back tattoos. Get creative mix and match the tattoos and try them on different placements of the body. This is one of the beautiful things about these new temporary metallic tattoos is that you can try many different looks and not have to commit! Get Your Bling On! Shop Now.


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